Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An Autobiographical Sketch


Date of Birth : July 4, 1906
Place of Birth : Baao, Camarines Sur
Parents : Eugenio Dato y Esplana
Barbara Guevarra y Imperial
Paternal Grandparents : Damaso Dato
Nicolasa Esplana
Maternal Grandparents : Ludivico Guevara
Higina Imperial
Brothers and Sisters : Rodolfo Dato
Francisca D. Flores
Soledad H. Hidalgo
Pablo Dato (2nd Nuptials)

Schools Attended : Naga Central School, (1914 - 1917)
Tabuco Primary School, (1917 – 1918)
San Vicente de Paul Seminary (1918 – 1919)
Naga Elementary School, (1919 – 1920)
Camarines Sur High School, (1920 – 1923)
U.P. High School, (1923 – 1924)
U.P. College of Liberal Arts (1924 – 1928)
U.P. College of Law (1928 – 1933)
Southern Luzon College (1947 – 1949)
University of Nueva Caceres (1949 – 1951)
St. Anthony College (1971 – 1972)

Degrees : Associate in Arts, U.P., 1926
B.S.E., Southern Luzon College, 1949
Bachelor of Laws, University of Nueva Caceres, 1951
Master of Arts, (30 units) University of Nueva Caceres, St. Anthony College

Positions Held : Classroom Teacher, Iriga Elementary School, 1926
Baao Elementary School, 1937 – 1939
Municipal Mayor, Baao, Camarines Sur, 1941 – 1947
PRO, Provincial Governor’s Office, 1951 – 1959
Faculty Member, Naga College, 1953 – 1954
Faculty Member, University of Nueva Caceres, 1955 – 1967
Faculty Member, St. Anthony College, 1947 – 1951; 1967 -

Club Memberships : Sanghiran nin Bikol (1929 – 1931)
Akademiang Bikol (1956)
Knights of Rizal (1958 - )
Naga City Press and Radio Club (1965 - )
Los Viejos Alegres (1967 - )

Journalism : First Editor, Bicol Star (1933 – 1934)
Editor, Tingog nin Banwaan, 1939 – 1940)
Staff Member, Bicolandia, Juan dela Cruz, Bicol Examiner, Naga Times
Member, Board of Editors, Bicol Mail

Awards : First Prize, Bikol Meet Composition Contest (1922)
First Prize, U.P. High Oratorical Contest (1924)
First Prize, U.P. Liberal Arts Oratorical Contest (1926)
First Prize, U.P. Literary Contest, (1926)
Named “Outstanding Catholic Poet” by United Poets Laureate International (1965)

Books Published : Manila, A Collection of Verse (1926)
My Book of Verses (1926)
The Instant Lyre (Manuscript)
Vocabulario Bikol-Ingles-Kastila (1963)
Kantahon na Bikol (1969)
Morfologia kan Tataramon na Bikol (serialized in Naga Times)
Patotodon sa Bikol (Bikol Mail)
Sarabihon sa Bikol

Important Poems : Life of Christ
Handiong, Bicol Epic
Sonnets to the Brown Goddess
Translations of the major poems of Rizal
Translations of other Filipino poets in Spanish
Sonnets of the Liberation
Coronation and Proclamation poems
Love Lyrics
Alma Mater poems
Christmas poems
Translations of Spanish, French, Mexican and Nicaraguan poets
Other religious poems

Bikol Meet and Interscholastic poems : Home poems
Barrio poems


Fritzie Baesa Bayrante said...

Hi! Dato ka rin? Small world. My paternal grandmother is also a Dato from Baao, Cam Sur and when i was a kid I used to spend summers there. Luis Dato and my grandmother (the late Paz Bayrante nee Dato) were first cousins, I think. When she told me stories about him, they always ended up with her saying, "Sayang. La cadtong boot. Lang dunong. Naudaan payo." basically she told us he lost his head---he went "cuckoo." Is that true?

stephen cenon dato talla said...

Yes, i'm a dato, eldest son of Greta Imperial Dato. Diri ko po isi kun mat-od su baretang uyan. Regards...

Anonymous said...

Luis dato is my one of my idol personality in bicol what ever he/she say's about him , for me Luis Dato is the best.... precisely , Luis Dato is the teacher of my father in high school at St. Anthony... and he tell me about the life of Luis Dato.I have only one to say , "MAORAGON TALAGA AN MGA BICOLANO"

Philien said...

I have read this question to one of the subjects above and still no response. So may I know who's the wife of your lolo?

greggmcepe said...

I was lucky to be enrolled in one of Sir Luis Dato's English Literature high school class. It was in the early 70's at the Saint Anthony College, Iriga. He used to interrupt his topic with anything he considered of relevance. He was a very humble teacher not authoritarian unlike our other teachers of that time. Some of my classmates then were Joy Fajardo, Myrna Marpuri, Beda Cortez, Job Bigay, Marty Caceres, Mariflor Vigil, Julia Dacara, Rowena Iraola,the Taduran brothers, etc. I wonder where they are now?

joebreboneria said...

I think Mr. Luis G. Dato is well-known in his arts and works. When
I was in high school I have heard
about him. He is a super intelligent man, very charismatic, well-known in his poets, teaching and multi-tasking profession in Bicol region and at the University
of the Philippines with his high
destinction of his works. Joe Breboneria Bayrante-Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi,insan bistado ako mama mo si aunti greta igin ako ni rudy imperial so pinadakulo ni lolo isabelo imperial ngud ni lola titay na agom ni lolo luis dato nabayad ko so authobiograhy ni lolo luis kaya binuksan ko ako palan si rodrigo m imperial jr a baoy kanako sa baao ay nong nong,kumusta at regards klay aunti greta.

stephen cenon dato talla said...

New Blog of Luis G. Dato --

Thank you...

Charm said...

hi po..i'm a 2nd student of ADNU and we are currently doing a research about luis dato for our subject bikol history and culture..from baao man po ako..pwede nyo po ba kming tulungan??if you have information anything about luis dato and kung meron po kayong mga archives of luis dato..we hope you are willing.thank you po!

Bernadette said...

Hi! would like to invite you to the Luis G. Dato memorial unveiling on 4 July 2012 3pm here in Baao. If you happen to be in the area, we will be honored by your presence. Thank you